Autograaf is able to assist you with all aspects of the type-approval process. Our services can include the following activities:

  • Complete project management (out-sourcing of all type-approval procedures)
  • Coordination of a complete EC-WVTA
  • Research into regulatory requirements (relevant legislative analysis)
  • Selecting test facilities (based on availability, rates, etc.)
  • Complete test/inspection co-ordination (incl. assessment of worst-case situations, test preparations, etc.)
  • Negotiation with testing and certification agencies
  • Preparation/assessment of obligatory documentation (incl. all calculations, descriptions, etc.)
  • Administrative support
  • Analysis and preparation of ‘Conformity of Production’ programmes
  • Compliance assessment throughout design, development & production stages
  • Design reviews (according to legal requirements)
  • Product validation

With our wide experience, these services will be carried out in the most efficient and effective possible way. Autograaf is ready to travel world-wide in response to its clients’ needs, so these services can be provided at your location.

Responsibility for type approvals, admissions and associated procedures can be out-sourced to Autograaf, so you can focus on other business priorities. This Service can also be offered on a temporary basis where there is a short-term need for increased homologation capacity.